Work Smart, Play Smarter!

Smart center is a special designed modern business complex of mixed-use type, combining high class "open space" offices, attractive shopping and public service areas.

The architectural design of the Smart center is coherent with the modern and advanced development of the city of Burgas through the last years.The vision is Hi Tech, which at the same time unites elegant facade constructions with an innovatory technological performance.

With its four levels of natural covered light, enriched with green inner spaces, soft pastel earthly tones, the atrium creates the feeling of peace, calmness, cosiness and individuality.

The Smart center claims to be a contemporary and modern, “smart” in its way, and also a gathering place for software, hardware and high technologies.


The Smart center is managed by Planex Invest Ltd., an investing and consulting company, specialised in managing urban and holiday complexes, as well as business buildings. The firm is founded in 2004 and is a part of Planex - a building holding with more than 25 years of history, more than 1 500 000 sq. meters completed projects and more than 30 rewards for quality construction.

The maintenance of the center is hold by PLHome.



You can view our brochure here.