Smart Center is the first specialized office building with Class A offices in Burgas. The office part is developed on 7 053 sq.m. and occupies up first to the fifth floor. The premises are "open space", which allows the formation of areas according to the needs of the tenants, from 100 to 2500 sq. m. The rooms are finished according to the individual needs of each business.

In the commercial part and the public areas, Smart Center offers a fast-food restaurant with 180 seats, a café-club, a fitness center of 500sq.m. with an adjacent summer garden, a children's center, a courier office, a wide and spacious conference hall with up to 200 seats.


Етаж -2
Етаж -1
Етаж 1
Етаж 2
Етаж 3
Floor 4
Floor 5

from 100 to 2500 sq.m.


24 / 7

security and video surveillance




seats conference hall


parking lots


built-in green walls


double floor


high-speed lifts

Technical specifications

  • Fiberoptic connectivity
  • UPS power supply
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Centralized general ventilation system - water cooling refrigeration unit heat pump type air / water (chiller)
  • Central air-conditioning VRF installation with individual flow control for each air conditioner. Indoor air-conditioning units ceiling type Toshiba
  • Building Management System (BMS) - Enables dynamic energy management and optimization of the main building systems
  • Access control system with personal magnetic cards with the possibility of individual reading
  • High speed luxury office lifts - 2 units, separate lift for the commercial part, loading platform
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire extinguishing system with underground parking sprinklers and atrium space dredgers
  • Signaling security equipment;
  • Telephone exchange with reception
  • Central sounding of the building
  • Provided access for people with physical disabilities
  • Power supply from a transformer station in the plot
  • Emergency power source - three-phase diesel generator GREEN POWER, model GP 630 S / DO-N-A, model DOOSAN, nominal power 567 kVA, designed for emergency power supply with casing and ABP 1000 A motor
  • Opportunity to work 24/7
  • Outdoor and underground parking.
  • Разстояние във височина 2,80м.
  • Двоен под
  • 4 тръбна VRF система
  • LED осветление
  • Тераси към офисите
  • Стъклопакети SunGuard High Preformance
  • Система за контрол на достъпа



Parking is of high importance when choosing an office. Smart Center has one underground level and an outdoor outdoor parking area where office workers, guests and visitors will be able to leave their vehicles during their stay in the building.


On the ground level, at the space of 460 sq. m., is located a restaurant in the Smart center. This is the place where everyone could enjoy a wide and rich variety of tasty and freshly-made food.

Relaxing zone IQ Club

Give yourself an unforgettable moments in our IQ club. Surf and chat with your friends online, while enjoying a cup of fragrant and freshly-made coffee. At your disposal will also be a gaming zone, including - darts, billiards, foosball. The wide variety of cocktails and the high quality of service would make you feel really comfortable and make you want to visit us again... and again...


Our fitness is situated on 500 sq. m. and is an enjoyable place for sport and health. Here you will be welcomed dearly and not too long after that you would fall in love with the place. For those of you, who needs, will be composed a train program or a healthy diet. The fitness zone is well equipped, including a protein bar and patio, where the trainees could take a break and enjoy their protein shake.


There are a couple of Wi-Fi zones, including the relaxing zone, the conference hall, the reception and the restaurant.

Security 24/7

To ensure the security and the peace of the guests, visitors and workers at the Smart center, we have a day-and-night police patrol. The services of the firm DSC, combine well experienced and trained workers with an advanced software and security systems.

CCTV surveillance

On the wide list of services provided by the Smart center is also a permanently CCTV surveillance. It outstands with its high quality of the image and a record in real-time.

Conference hall

Situated on 280 sq. m., the Smart conference hall offers comfort, functionality and modern technical equipment. The hall allows a variety of business and official events, inspiring creativity, and building stable partnerships.

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The representative function of the main entrance to the offices is emphasize by modern, fully stuffed receptions servicing all businesses. You will be here kindly welcome and guide to desirable place.